Help Wanted

A Cub Scout Pack is a volunteer-run organization.

We honor the role our parents play in their son’s & daughter's lives, and we expect that commitment to carry over into your son’s and daughter's Scouting life.

This page outlines the two basic ways a Parent should expect to contribute to the Pack:

  1. Your role as a Scout Parent

  2. Volunteer Opportunities

    • Uniformed Roles

    • Committee Roles

    • Events and Projects

Your Role as a Scout Parent:

The following is a basic set of expectations for each of our families:

  1. Support your Scout, but don't do everything for them. Your Scout will take on growing responsibilities and self-sufficiency starting on Day 1 in Scouts. Both parents and the Adult Leaders in the organization will be there to support and guide the Scouts, but parents should begin a purposeful transition away from doing things FOR their son and towards allowing their son to do for themselves. Being responsible for their own progress towards Rank Advancement, packing their own bags for outings, and finding answers to their own questions are good examples of transitioning towards being responsible and self-sufficient.

  2. Stay Connected. We use Scoutbook as the administrative tool for communication, calendars, tracking participation & rank advancement. Parents and Scouts will both be actively using Scoutbook throughout your time in Scouting.

  3. Read and Respond to Communications. Email is the primary communications tool of the Pack. Reading, acting upon, and responding to emails will keep you and your Scout up-to-date and greatly assist the operations of the Pack. The volunteers working in the Pack will greatly appreciate prompt communications as it will greatly reduce the time and energy they donate to the Pack.

  4. Calendar and Outings RSVP. The Pack Calendar is in Scoutbook which contains our Outings Calendar and RSVP tool is part of Google. Parents and Scouts should keep their planned participation up-to-date for each outing. Even if your Scout is not attending an event, you need to update their status as such.

  5. Fundraising. While the Scouts are responsible for fundraising activities such as popcorn and camp cards, parents will need to assist and encourage their Scout in those efforts. Fundraising keeps our costs low, provides the Scout with spendable funds in their Scout Account, and greatly supplements our activities, equipment, and outings.


It is often said that, “Many hands make light work.” Your participation can come in many forms. Attendance in support of weekend campouts, joining us at a family Camp, fundraising, service or even food preparation activities; the list goes on. Together, we can determine in what capacity you can best support the Pack and your Scout. We need and must require your active participation for two very important reasons:

  1. Your Scout will get more out of the program if you show an active commitment.

  2. The Pack cannot provide the best possible program without your participation.

Youth Protection

All registered leaders, including "Uniformed" Leaders and Committee Members are required to be Youth Protection Training (YPT). Non-registered adults going on outings for 72 hours or more (such as summer camp) must take the new YPT (the 72 hours are cumulative, not consecutive). Our Chartering Organization requires all parents attending outings take Youth Protection as well.

Quick Link: BSA Youth Protection Website.

Quick Link: BSA Youth Protection Barriers to Abuse and Reporting

There are a variety of jobs that must be done to keep Pack 845 running smoothly. Some require a bit more time; others are more occasional and less demanding in nature. If you choose to participate in a Committee or Leadership role, training or mentoring is available for the following positions:

Adult Leadership:

We have a number of "Uniformed" Roles, including Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster. These are the front line guides, mentors, and instructors.

Pack Committee and Roles:

We have a number of vital, easily manageable roles in the Troop in which parents can actively contribute.

Events, Projects, and Campouts:

To support the Scoutmasters and Committee, parents may also get involved in events or short-term projects, such as:

  • single events such as a organizing a banquet or outing

  • organizing or participating in a service project

  • Help with planning and organizing our Summer Time Program.