Cost of Participation


To help defray the cost of dues, it is necessary to conduct fundraising projects each year to supply the Pack, and to help offset Scout outing expenses. We are open to all ideas for funding our Cub Scout related activities and the Pack’s ongoing projects


Scouting is not without cost, but we do not discourage any youth from joining because they cannot afford our program. If your present situation falls under these circumstances, or you would like to recommend for membership a boy or girl who may need some degree of assistance, please contact the Cubmaster or Committee Chairperson so that efforts can be made to arrange a sponsor.


Scoutreach is a division within the Atlanta Area Council with an emphasis to recruit passionate adult leaders and to develop strong relationships with the organization in urban, suburban, and rural areas, removing barriers to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to join Scouting. The Atlanta Area Council is dedicated to ensuring that every child has an opportunity to join Scouting, no matter their circumstance. Scoutreach assistance can provide camperships, uniforms, handbooks, transportation, and leadership of a Scout unit.

Friends of Scouting

There is an annual Fundraising Campaign called Friends of Scouting that does amazing and wonderful things for the BSA and its charitable outreach. While not a requirement, we do have a goal of 100% family participation in this campaign at whatever contribution level is appropriate for you.


More than 32,000 Atlanta youth take part in the once-in-a-lifetime adventures and character building programs that can only be found in Scouting. In doing so, they discover skills they never knew they had and develop into the leaders we’ll need in the years to come.

Last year, the 683 Scouts who earned their Eagle rank gave 103,976 hours back to our community in service. Thousands of Scouts also came together to collect 146,970 pounds of food to feed Atlanta’s hungry. Scouts are more likely than non-Scouts to graduate from high school and to stay away from drugs.

Scouting makes a dramatic, positive impact on Atlanta’s youth, our families, and our communities, but it won’t happen without your support.

Your gift to Friends of Scouting provides trained leaders, program materials, camping facilities, and insurance for safe and fun experiences. The annual Friends of Scouting campaign provides 36% of our Council’s budget. It is because of the generosity of our Scouting families and community supporters that the amazing benefits of Scouting are possible in Atlanta.

Pack Dues and Recurring Expenses

Pack dues are set each year and are payable in or around October. The dues year runs from January through December. A subscription to Boy’s Life magazine is included in registration. It is intended that dues will cover all or substantially all the Pack operating expenses, including annual registration and awards, but they are not intended to cover any outing expenses.

Annual Dues:

  • Scouts - $75

  • Adults - $0

What's included in Dues?

  • National Membership Fee

  • Boys' Life Subscription

  • Scarf

  • Woggle

  • Class B Shirt

  • Awards


  • Outings Spring & Fall: Scouts are free & Adults range from $5 to $20 on average

  • Summer Day Camp: $120

  • January Trip. Range from $70 to $120 per person attending

Fees above are based on fundraising if everyone participates and sells their goal, these fees are greatly reduced.

Approximate Uniform & Equipment Costs

Scout uniforms can be purchased online at or at the local Scout Shop, located in the Atlanta Area Council Volunteer Service Center at 1800 Circle 75 Parkway Atlanta 30339. Camping equipment is available at the Scout Shop or various camping supply stores (some camping equipment may be rented from REI), both local and on-line. A Scout is thrifty, so shop around to get the best price! The Cub Scout Handbook is also an excellent source of information for equipment needs.

Field Uniform and Basic Requirements

(Pack provided items are indicated with an asterisk)

From the Scout Store or online at

  • Cub Scout Handbook > $10-17

  • Long or short-sleeve khaki or blue Scout shirt > $25-50

  • Scout or Cub Scout pants (convertible to shorts) > $35-50

  • Scout socks > $15

  • belt with Cub Scout buckle > $11-13

  • Required Uniform Patches (Patrol patch, World Crest and shoulder loops) > $5-10

    • * Unit Number

    • Council Patch

    • Shoulder Loop (Webelos & AOL)

    • World Crest

    • Den Number

Basic Camping Gear: Estimate $126 and Up

  • Compass > $14 - $50

  • Flashlight or headlamp > $5 - $20

  • Personal first aid kit > $5

  • Whistle > $2 - $5

  • Sleeping bag > $25 - 300 (determining price factors are weight and temperature rating)

  • Ground pad (1/2 inch) > $10-$50

  • Rain suit > $10 - $100

  • Mess kit (plate, bowl, cup, utensils) > $5 - $20

  • Water bottle or canteen $5 - $20

  • Backpack > $25 - $300

  • Knife > $10 - $30

  • Rope > $10

  • Tent

Online Stores and Uniform Guidelines

Scout Stuff - The Official BSA retail store

Campmor - Camping equipment at great prices. Ships fast.

Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Form - Scout Uniform Inspection Form and Badge/patch placement guide

Scout Uniform Inspection Form - Scout Uniform Inspection Form and Badge/patch placement guide

Adult Scout Uniform Inspection Form - Adult Uniform Inspection Form and patch placement guide

Coleman Non-Profit - Sign up for non-profit discount from Coleman

Hiker Direct - ALPS Mountaineering Discount Facebook Page. Has link to register with ALPS