All Scouts are encouraged to support their Pack and Den by active participation in Pack and Den activities.

In large part, Scouting is devoted toward developing the leadership qualities of the Scout. These leadership skills will be of benefit to the Scout throughout his life. I scout can not receive the benefit if they do not participate in the events and meetings.

Initiation, Hazing, Harassment

Initiation, hazing or harassment of a Scout is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Each member of Troop 431 is here to learn, to teach…and to have FUN!

Code of Conduct

A Scout is required to conduct himself in a proper manner at all functions and at all times. Most discipline issues will be handled by the Leadership of the Pack will be issued for behavior that disrupts a Pack activity or is dangerous.

If the problem persists, the Den Leader and/or Cubmaster may opt for a Time Out from the activity, request that a parent or guardian immediately pick up the Scout (outings included), or request that parent or guardian accompany the Scout on future outings until further notice.

On the rare occasion when formal discipline becomes necessary, the following actions and definitions are among the options available to the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee:

  • Reprimand: The Scout will remain with the Pack. A letter of reprimand may be placed in the Scout’s file.

  • Probation: The Scout will remain with the Pack, on the condition that a further violation of Pack rules within a period of not longer than 12 months will, at the discretion of the Cubmaster with Pack Committee approval, result in a formal suspension.

  • Suspension: The Scout will not be allowed to participate in Pack activities for a period of no more than six months.

  • Expulsion: All relationship with the Pack will be severed.