Uniform & Gear

Class "A" Uniform

Class A (officially known as the "Field Uniform") uniform is the button up tan shirt with patches, Cub Scout rank specific neckerchief with Woggle, olive green or blue scout pants/shorts, belt, and socks.

  • The Class A uniform is worn to meetings and any ceremonies.

  • When traveling to and from outings all that is required is the Class A shirt without the neckerchief or woggle.

  • “Summer Class A Uniform”: We only require Class B uniforms for summer events.

The Pack“Full Field Uniform” (often referred to as “Class A”) includes a long or short sleeve Scout shirt with appropriate insignia, Cub Scout rank specific neckerchief, Scout pants (long or short), belt, socks and neckerchief slide. Each Scout is expected to wear his complete uniform and neckerchief to all Pack and Den meetings , while traveling with the Pack on official outings (excluding the neckerchief and slide), and as announced for special events.

Shoes: Tennis shoes may be worn to Scout Meetings, at Summer Camp, and on warm weather campouts. Each Scout should possess a sturdy pair of outdoor shoes, which are suitable for rough use and for hiking. Shoes should be large enough to wear a thick wool sock over a thin wicking sock (polypropylene, silk, wool, etc.). Two socks serve to cushion the foot and will help reduce the possibility of blistering. Shoes should be waterproofed and weather appropriate.

Class "B" Uniforms

Class B (officially known as the "Activity Uniform") is red colored t-shirt your scout received when joining