Help Wanted

Help Wanted... Volunteering is a great way to build a bond with your Scout!

We always have jobs large and small that we need your help with. We know what you are thinking, I travel, work, etc. So do most of the other leaders in the pack. Without your help and others like you the Pack won't go and the Pack won't grow. Be apart of something special in your Scout's life, join the team and have some fun of your own.


Here is the family talent survey, at the very least take a minute to fill it out and email it to our Committee Chair.

This is a valuable tool for us when asking for help at the derbies or camping trips.


Pack 845 Volunteer Descriptions.pdf

Here is a brief description of all the roles available in the pack. You don't need to take on an entire position. See a part of a position where you can help, let's get you started...