Pack Committee Chair

Todd Williams

To make Cub Scouting work it takes a team made up of each Cub Scout’s parent or guardian and other caring adults who agree to take on roles that best fit their individual talents. Together this team makes up the Pack Committee.

The Pack Committee Chair is appointed by the Chartered Organization to oversee the Pack Committee as they provide support to Den Leaders to ensure a quality program.

Pack Committee

Every pack has a pack committee, which consists of at least three members (chair, secretary, and treasurer). By handling administrative and support tasks, the pack committee allows the Cubmaster, den leaders, and their assistants to focus on working directly with the Cub Scouts

Pack Committee Meetings

Most Pack Committees will meet at least once a month. When and where the meetings are held is up to the Pack Committee Chair and that best meets the needs of the members of the committee.

At the committee meeting reports from the Cubmaster, Den Leaders, Treasurer and others help keep everyone informed.

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