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I joined, now what?

Great, you've filled out the Youth Application, received the Parent Handbook (Posted Below if you didn't), selected a den leader (if a new den).    Now what's next.....

New Dens:
  All new leaders have to complete Youth Protection Training and submit the completion certificate back to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair before we can submit the Adult Application.   What this means to you is the den can not meet until this is completed and generally takes a few weeks to get everything lined up including meeting time and location.   Meetings are generally held in the Scout Hut at Roswell United Methodist Church (RUMC).   

Roswell United Methodist Church

The image below shows the location of the Scout Hut on the RUMC campus.


Your Den Leader should be reaching out to you with a meeting time and location.  If you Den is new to the pack (for example Tigers), your Den Leader should be in touch to poll for a night that works for everyone.  Remember Dens meet from two to four times per month, a shorter number of meetings per month generally means a longer meeting.   While a Den meeting 3-4 times per month may meet for an hour, a den meeting twice a month is going to meet for at least an hour and a half.   Please keep this in mind, especially with the younger grades.  

IT Notes:
Our pack has made great strides in electronic communications and advancement tracking.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you to sign off at home advancements and for leaders to get in touch with you.   We use Google Apps for Non-profits and ScoutBook for this purpose.  If you use Google at work, Google Apps for Non-profit is the same thing.  Basically, its a private cloud offering which allows us to store data, messages and host our web page at no charge.   How does this differ from the free version of Google Apps available to every individual?  Simple, being a private cloud we must explicitly grant access to individuals with out a @pack845.org email address.  This means all the data we post is inherently protected the same way a corporation would be.    It also grants us and you access to all the web based application Google offers. (Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc)   Each user has an unlimited amount of storage space on the cloud as well, although please use this wisely, if you leave the pack you may not be able to get what you stored back.    All our email distribution lists are Google Groups, which means all emails are stored for you to be able to go back in time and pull up.   There is a URL at the bottom of each email that allows you to do this.  It is also accessible from your Dens page on our Website, you must be logged in with your @pack854.org email address.
When we receive your application there is a few things we do to get you setup in our systems.  We use the information you provide on the Youth and/or Adult applications.   
1.  A Google Apps account will be setup for your son.    Example: if your sons name is John Smith his account will be jsmith@pack845.org
2.  A relay will be added to the account to your personal account.   This means all email sent to jsmith@pack845.org will automatically be sent to your personal account.
3.  The account will be added to a Google Group for your Den.   If your Son's Den number is 10 the group will be Den10 with an email address of den10@pack845.org.
4.  An email will be sent from Google to your private account with a temporary password.  Its optional to login but without logging in you can not use Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, or access the private content on the web page.   (We can always resend it at a later date if your decide later you need it)
5.  IMPORTANT:  We send a test email message to your sons account asking you to verify you received the email.   We do this to make sure its all working and we have the correct email. 
6.  We setup a ScoutBook account for you and your son.  
7.  ScoutBook sends an invitation via email to your private email address.   Hotmail and Yahoo users take note, sometimes this ends up in your spam folder.  
8.  We check to see if you accepted the invitation and follow up with your den leader to make sure you received it. 

As part of your dues we give you the Scarf, Slide and Handbook.  The rest of your dues go to Boy's Life, Annual BSA Membership, and ScoutBook Licensing.  
For Tiger, Wolf, And Bear Cub Scouts please use the Youth Uniform Inspection sheet for patch placement.   These ranks use the Blue Cub Scout Uniform.
For Webelos Scouts please use the Boy Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet for patch placement.  This rank uses the same uniform as the Boy Scouts.
For Adult Leaders please use the Adult Uniform Inspection Sheet for patch placement. This is the same uniform Webelos and Boy Scouts wear. 

Uniforms and patches can be purchased at the Scout Shop located in the Atlanta Area Council Service Center.  Alternately, uniforms and patches can be purchased on line at http://www.scoutstuff.org/   

1800 Circle 75 Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 989-8820


We need you to fill out the talent survey and the health form posted below.   For your family to be able to attend camping trips and outdoor activities we must have these forms in hand for each member of your family that is likely to attend.   Every year we need a new form and shred all the ones from the previous program year (June to May).    The Talent Survey helps us identify adults that have specific interests or experience in areas we are trying to work with the boys in.    Been a Scout before, are you a Chef or like to cook, like accounting?  We would like to know and could use your help even if its just a small task.   Remember, all the leaders in the pack are volunteers and no one gets a paycheck from this.  We love Scouting and seeing the boys grow in it.  

Once all setup in the system, you can use any of our distribution list to contact the leaders of the pack.   The lists are posted below.

Any questions?  Please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank You 
Craig J Ficik 
Cubmaster, Pack 845 

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