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The Pinewood Derby is meant to be a family fun event by promoting families working together to create a competitive car for race day.   With that in mind, it is also a Pack Meeting and there are a few rules for participation that need to be followed.  These are new rules for the 2017 race year.

1.  Scouts must be present and in full Class A uniform, including scarf, for check in.   
  • You may race in the family division without your uniform.
  • Exception noted for scouts who have not received their scarf and woggle yet.  Confirmed by den leader only and Advancement Coordinator only.

2.  Scouts can leave for other events for the day, cars will race in den/rank categories and an absentee Scout can win the den/rank category.

3.  Scouts must be present and in full Class A Uniform for the finals to win.  A substitution and/or disqualification will be made if the Scout is not present and in Uniform.  

Class A Uniform for our pack is Blue or Tan Field shirt, neckerchief and Woggle (slide).   Knotting the scarf does not count.  If you need a Woggle a few will be available at the event for $1.